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The web scripts are an essential part of Spamikaze. No matter the quality of your spamtrap input, there will always be some false positives and the only thing that allows others to correct them is the web based removal script.

In order to make removal easy, it is recommended that the TXT record for the DNSBL entries point to the listing script. This way people can see why an IP address got listed, giving them the option to remove the IP address from the list. Note that eg. mail server admins or spamassassin users will see the TXT record URLs in their logs and visit the listing page just to figure out why a certain IP address got listed. Because those users have no intention of removing the IP address from the list, the URL for the DNSBL entries should not point directly to the removal page, but to the listing page instead.

Note that this page currently only describes the CGI scripts, not the php based listing and removal scripts.


This section of the Spamikaze config file is used to configure the web scripts. The Header and Footer keywords specify which header and footer files the listing.cgi and remove.cgi scripts include. The header and footer files should contain just html, since all the cgi scripts do is hand them straight to the browser. You can customise the example header and footer files to give your Spamikaze site its own look and feel.

The ListName variable should be set to whatever you call your DNSBL, it will be part of the page title and is used in various other places on both pages.

The variables ListingURL and RemovalURL point to the URLs where the listing and remove scripts can be found on your site. This needs to be correct in order for the listing page to be able to refer to the removal page, and vice-versa.

Finally, the ListLatest setting determines how many events the CGI script latest.cgi shows. See the latest events page from PSBL for an example of the usage of this script.


Header = /var/www/htdocs/spamikaze/header.php
Footer = /var/www/htdocs/spamikaze/footer.php
ListName = Spamikaze example
ListingURL = /cgi-bin/listing.cgi
RemovalURL = /cgi-bin/remove.cgi
ListLatest = 20


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