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TODO items for Spamikaze developers. After the first entry has been completed, the others should be easier to do.

  • integrate the DNS query counting modules

  • implement the spamtrap/non-spamtrap ratio finding code (see FalsePositives)

  • move regular expressions for from_daemon() tests into a config file, have the code iterate over the regexps

  • add documentation on the new database layout

  • store spamtrap mail (evidence) in the database and show it through the web interface, obfuscated

  • allow passivetrap to receive email over SMTP/LMTP, to get the MTA out of the way (performance and cleanliness)

  • make Spamikaze available in a revision control system that makes it easier to maintain local branches, eg. mercurial...


  • abstract out database operations for 0.2 database layout, as a separate module loaded from Spamikaze.pm (Done)

  • add another module with the new database operations (see DatabaseDesign), so both MySQL and Postgresql are supported (Done)

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