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Spamikaze is a collection of programs to easily build a DNSBL, also known as a spam block list.


Unlike some other spam block systems, Spamikaze does no tests for open proxy or open relay vulnerabilities.

Spamikaze is passive and completely driven by mail coming into a system's spamtrap addresses. In order to reduce the false positives (depending on your point of view) inherent in such a scheme, Spamikaze uses some regular expressions to weed out obvious non-spam mails. It can also use whitelists to exclude known mail servers from being listed.

Spamikaze is free software, available under the GPL.

If you plan to run a spam block list, Spamikaze should make your life easier.


Spamikaze development happens slowly and the git head is quite stable. It is recommended that people use Spamikaze's latest version directly from the git tree.

A number of DNSBLs use Spamikaze in production.

Basic requirements

Spamikaze runs on:

  • a Unix-like system, with

  • perl,

  • a database,

  • a mail server (to receive spam) and

  • a web server (for the removal system).

Spamikaze is designed to be easily customizable and extensible. The various components of a Spamikaze setup do not need to run on the same computer.

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